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Dalen’s Top Myths: Sustainability is Expensive

When considering ways in which to improve ‘sustainability’ within a business, there is one issue that holds back both engagement and investment – cost. Often organisations forget that economic development is a key aspect of the ‘sustainability’ they strive for, focusing on purely on the environmental. So here are 5 myth-busters disputing that ‘sustainability is expensive’. 1.   Low Hanging Fruit O
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Dalen’s Top 5 Most Significant Changes in BREEAM 2014

It’s that time again when the BRE releases the updated draft version of the BREEAM New Construction Technical Manual for the thousands of eyes across the sustainability world to peer into. I am going to delve into the many changes that the 2014 manual poses, and take the opportunity to provide feedback that the BRE welcome before the official version goes live May 2014. Principally, the 2014 schem
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Dalen’s Top 5 Green Office Concepts

When researching the Green Office Products I evaluated last week, I came across so many interesting concepts which improve office wellbeing and increase efficiency, that I thought I’d write about these too. The following example products may seem revolutionary, but they are only some of the first technological advances towards green office concepts. In the next few years, products like these
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Dalen’s Top 5 Green Office Products

Making the transition towards a sustainable office should make life easier, but unfortunately many green products just complicate business operations.  I have selected my favourite five green office products that make it easy to make the change towards being green, and help to start seeing the long-term benefits of sustainable technology. Graphene With everybody raving about 3D technology and prin
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Dalen’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Emissions Reports

As the lights start going up and Christmas party planning takes off in earnest, we start winding down to the end of the year. For some of us this means end of year reporting, and with that now comes emissions calculations and an environmental report. Here are five tips on how to get started: 1.   Confirm your Aims Are you reporting your emissions because the law says you must, or because you want
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Dalen’s Top 5 Benefits of a BREEAM Building

Recent statistics released by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development show that buildings consume a massive 40% of all energy.  Although alarming, these statistics present immediate opportunities to make smart business decisions that also incorporate environmental considerations. Certified BREEAM buildings use less energy than conventional buildings, making them considerably cheaper
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Dalen’s Top 5 Tips for Reducing Office Waste

Poor waste practices are costing UK businesses billions of pounds a year. Reducing these costs is not complicated or even time-consuming; a few small but well-choses measures can save you money and improve your business’ environmental performance by leaps and bounds. 1. Use less paper: make double-sided printing the default on your printers and switch to electronic communications wherever possible
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Dalen’s Top 5 Tips on Accurately Calculating Carbon Emissions

Carbon footprints are more important today than ever before, with organisations in the process of reducing their footprint motivating staff to take individual actions. Using these top tips to better understand your impact on the planet and shrink your energy use. 1.   Use a consistent method An accurate result of a carbon footprint calculation is the result of reliable data collection and a consis
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Dalen’s Top 5 Tips on Achieving a Ska Gold Rating

Launched in 2009, the Ska rating system has generated significant momentum in the UK fit-out industry. Unlike other building rating systems like BREEAM and LEED that focus mainly on new buildings and major refurbishments, Ska focuses primarily on minor refurbishments and retrofit projects. Ska Gold is the highest level that a fit-out can achieve, and here’s how to achieve it: 1.     Start early Ha
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