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Minimum Energy Performance Standards: Feeling the Squeeze

Last year we heard a lot about the Energy Act 2011, which sees the introduction of Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for commercial and domestic buildings. As the legislation presently stands, by 2018 the lease of premises that do not meet minimum energy efficiency requirements (probably an EPC of E or better) will be prohibited. At current estimates, this will impact about 18% of commer
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CDP Reporting – Getting it Right

As the deadline for CDP submission approaches, we thought we’d take a moment to remind you of some key points on how to maximise your score and get the most out of the reporting process. What is CDP? The Carbon Disclosure Project (as it was formerly known) is an international not-for-profit organisation which has been collating and publishing environmental information about businesses for over 10
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Guest Contributor: The ‘Carbon Bubble’ and Listed Companies – Part II

This continues from Part I, which discusses how some listed companies are relishing their ignorance of the carbon bubble. With tightening legislation on meaningful CSR reporting and increasing business-centric initiatives to entice corporate-lead environmental change, it’s looking so far, so bad for those nasty fossil fuel companies. They have been fighting for environmental legitimacy for y
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Guest Contributor: The ‘Carbon Bubble’ and Listed Companies – Part I

Dalen’s guest contributor Chris Seeley, Director of Project Pressure, discusses the carbon bubble and its impact on listed companies Al Gore may not have coined the phrase, but he has certainly popularised it. Speaking at the Envirotech Summit at the end of 2013, he drew attention to the carbon assets underpinning the value of many listed companies worldwide – the so-called ‘carbon bubble’ –
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Dalen – Did you Know?

How many of the following facts do you know about Dalen? Dalen Group: Sustainability Consultancy delivering building certification, asset efficiency and organisational sustainability services To find out more about how Dalen can help you, please contact us on 020 7634 9540 or email Kate Neale at kate.neale@dalengroup.com
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How can Sustainability and ESG mean Added Value?

When looking to reduce risk and develop long-term growth, consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors is no longer viewed an expensive add-on, but is essential for a comprehensive assessment of business risk and opportunity. The following case studies detail how Dalen has engaged with clients to deliver tangible financial benefits through improved environmental and social g
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The Need for Business Model Innovation towards Sustainability

Whilst reading the SustainAbility report entitled “Model Behaviour – 20 Business Model Innovations for Sustainability“, the need for change in the way businesses operate at a core level became abundantly clear. Business models are the ‘underlying structures of how companies create, deliver and capture value’.  They affect economic growth, resource use, jobs, product prices, and the qua
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Stranded Assets: Back to Basics

As the floodwaters start to recede in some parts of the country, talk of a different kind of marooning looks set to continue. Both a focus of a recent talk by Mark Carney from the Bank of England, and the topic of the 2014 World Economic Forum, stranded assets are becoming a hidden uncertainty that economists, investors and businesses can no longer ignore. So what are stranded assets, and why are
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Building a Business Case for Emissions Saving Investment

With tightening UK legislation and ever rising energy costs, securing investment in sustainability has never been more important. Developing a robust business case is critical but not easy – especially when efficient technology projects are bundled together into a long-term strategy. Although the benefits of an interconnected strategy should be greater than the sum of its parts, they can be harder
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