Dalen provides organisations with the tools and understanding to effectively manage their environmental footprint, ensuring clients meet all regulatory requirements whilst developing their sustainability record beyond compliance to become industry leaders in green action.


alen’s mandatory services include helping clients meet their legislated targets with government schemes and standards, such as CRC and MER.

In addition to our expertise in voluntary building accreditation, Dalen offers a wide range of strategic environmental services. Our experience in measuring and reporting supports our clients in accurately measuring and reporting on their environmental footprint, setting targets and developing wider sustainability goals. Employing a wide range of technology and software, Dalen can work with clients to monitor carbon and energy consumption, water consumption and waste production.

Dalen’s specific focus in the built estate means our energy auditing and modelling services are developed to offer bespoke recommendations suited to particular properties and clients, reducing energy and emissions in a sustainable, cost efficient manner.

In working with clients to manage emissions and set strategic targets, Dalen encourages public reporting of environmental footprints to recognised national standards such as the Carbon Disclosure Project.


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