About Dalen

Since 2011, Dalen has emerged as a leading sustainability consultancy.


riginating from a sustainable fit-out research project by Skansen, Dalen’s foundation of expertise in the built environment has guided our success in the marketplace. In particular, we are recognised for our role in the development of the Ska Rating, which certifies sustainable fit-outs.

We have expanded upon our core expertise in the built environment to facilitate change through our services that focus on building certification, asset efficiency and organisational sustainability.

We are constantly adapting to new regulation and marketplace innovations, combining professional experience and passion for sustainability to design practical solutions for our clients.

  • Vision

    Integrity: Commitment to professionalism, sustainability and the highest ethical standards

    Flexibility: Promoting active participation, adopting an adaptable and pragmatic approach

    Dynamism: Generating ideas in an innovative and dynamic atmosphere

    Collaboration: Teamwork in delivery so that individual skills and expertise are united as one

    Efficiency: Practical approach reflecting our commitment to efficient, outstanding work

    Transparency: Open and frequent communication with all stakeholders

  • Mission

    To be the leading sustainability consultancy within the built environment, by adopting a holistic and collaborative approach to strategy development and implementation.


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